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All You Need To Know About White Dental Beauty Teeth Whitening

89% of people would say this is worth while


So you have tried whitening toothpastes, over the counter ‘so called’ teeth whitening treatments and other mass market gimmicks that sound too good to be true? They have left you feeling lighter on the pocket instead of lighter on the smile?

You know as you are making a purchase with such high expectations for such little cost that you don’t really expect it to work … why would you? We get what we pay for right? You’re not alone, we all do it and eventually what we aspire to have is the real thing, the best of the best and if it’s important to us we manage to find the money to pay for it and justify it to ourselves.

A great smile is the first thing people notice about us, its gives us more confidence and it helps us in love and our career, so do it once and do it right.


White Dental Beauty with NOVON® is a worldwide leading tooth whitening brand. It is known in the dental industry for providing high quality, innovative and clinically reinforced whitening products which are safe, effective, unique and offer a patient experience unlike any other.

The double whitening action of White Dental Beauty removes surface staining and lightens the teeth from within. With products ranging from fast acting with an application time of as little as 30 minutes per day, to gels that can be worn overnight, treatments are available to suit all individuals’ lifestyles.

White Dental Beauty is also the only whitening brand to offer an extra mild formula which is specifically designed for patients with sensitive teeth. Male or female, old or young, White Dental Beauty has helped enhance thousands of natural smiles.

What to expect

The treatment involves three visits to the practice.

  1. The first appointment involves meeting the dentist and having impressions of your teeth taken for custom made bleaching trays.
  2. A week later you return to the practice to collect the whitening products and custom made trays, you will receive advice on how to use the products. In addition to your kit and instructions, a personalised instruction card can be provided by the dentist for extra guidance and tips.
  3. The whitening process can be carried out for approximately 1-3 weeks depending on how light you want to go and your dentists guidance. The gel is gently flavoured with a pleasant mint taste which leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. then you return for your third visit to see how the shade of your teeth has changed.

Teeth whitening can be long lasting, and with good maintenance and top ups your white smile can last for years. Top up syringes must be purchased through a dental practitioner, White Dental Beauty gels are only for sale through professional dental practices, anything sold over the internet or on the black market cannot be guaranteed to be legitimate.


White Dental Beauty gels all feature NOVON® patented technology. This means the gels produce a long lasting whitening effect within a shorter time frame in comparison to whitening using a regular gel. White Dental Beauty gels are carefully formulated to maintain a neutral pH which is kind to teeth, contain water to avoid dehydration and include a desensitising agent to help eliminate sensitivity during recommended treatments. White Dental Beauty is used by thousands of dentists and they produce outstanding results.

Did you know?

Peroxide whitening has often been a barrier for patients who want to whiten despite having sensitive teeth. With the help of NOVON®, White Dental Beauty offers these patients the ability to whiten using an extra mild formula. The gel contains lower levels of peroxide, yet it can achieve the same results as a standard gel, meaning the teeth are less exposed to the sensitivity issues higher concentrations can cause*.

Check out White Dental Beauty products here.

White Dental Beauty is a worldwide leading tooth whitening brand, renowned for providing high quality, innovative and clinically reinforced whitening products.

Working closely with some of the world’s best clinicians and key opinion leaders, we are paving the way for the latest developments in technology and science.

And with four professional whitening systems, we offer an advanced generation of bleaching that means you can offer patients a greater choice:

  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, the strongest EU accepted gel

  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide, high strength gel

  • 10% Carbamide Peroxide, the original strength for overnight gels

  • 5% Carbamide Peroxide, a mild gel for people with sensitive teeth

All of our products are powered by an intelligent compound — NOVON®. Proven to offer safe and effective results, NOVON® triggers a ‘pH jump’ which allows for a whiter, more impressive smile.

As well as having a dedication to creating quality and reliable products, our goal is to help you deliver a patient journey like no other. Fuelled by this, we have created a dedicated marketing support package to enhance the patient experience and build your practice with professional tooth whitening.

NOVON® Technology

White Dental Beauty have four different whitening systems, all powered by NOVON®.

NOVON® is a new whitening compound that delivers improved whitening results over less treatment time. This is because the technology — made up of hydrogen peroxide, urea and sodium tripolyphosphate — uses an intelligent pH acceleration to encourage the release of perhydroxyl ions…

Whilst the gel maintains a stable pH of 6.5 in its neutral state, this jumps into the alkaline range with a pH of over 8.0 as soon as it is activated (contact with saliva). This means teeth can now be whitened from as little as 30 minutes a day.

Whitening agents with NOVON® technology also become a more practical solution for the everyday dentist. Due to its advanced stability, products containing NOVON® can be stored for over 24 months between temperatures of 2—24°C.

Four Steps to Whiter Teeth

Tooth whitening is the result of perhydroxyl ions breaking down large organic staining molecules. This occurs in four steps…

Step One:

H202 breaks down into HOO- (perhydroxyl ion) and H+ (hydrogen)

Step Two:

The perhydroxyl ion passes through enamel into the dentine

Step Three:

The perhydroxyl ion breaks down the large organic molecules that cause staining of the teeth

Step Four:

The chroma and value of the tooth is changed.

Key Benefits of NOVON® Technology

Superior stability

You can store all of our products stored for up to 24 months between temperatures of 2—24°C

Enhanced whitening

Due to NOVON® technology, all of our products feature an intelligent pH jump which enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions

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